Rockford Solar Provides Flexible Solutions For Your Business Needs

Customized System, World-Class Technology

Putting solar to work for your business requires a complex decision making process. Do we install solar on the roof or on a carport or a canopy? What is the right system size that is optimal for you given the solar panels degradation, your energy usage, weather and temperature patterns in your area and the available rate schedules. The perfect solar panel and inverter for another customer may be a really bad choice for you – all components have a sweet spot where they shine. In order to navigate this maze, you need an experienced partner that is committed only to you.

Site permitting

Rockford Solar will assist in processing the paperwork for permitting and local utility interconnection agreements.


Rockford Solar can consult with your company on how to properly maintain a solar system or has packages available where we can maintain the system for you.

Tame Your Electricity Costs

Your electricity bill is one critical operating expense where you traditionally have had little control. The utility company sets the rates and you pay the bills.

Tame your energy costs today by putting up a Rockford Solar system to work for you. You own the system, and your equity payback period can be as low as five (5) years. Either way, you can be sure to receive the highest quality system and service. Start experiencing the Rockford difference by giving us an opportunity to discuss your needs.

Or, choose a Rockford Power Purchase Agreement and bring predictability to your electricity rates for the next 15 – 25 years. Save up to 25% on your annual electricity bill. Maintenance included. Act now!

Generate Cash Flow Immediately

Adding a solar system can help not only by stabilizing your energy costs, but is a way to help produce income for your company the day we flip the switch.

System Design and Insurance

All Rockford Solar systems are designed by qualified designers who have experience and expertise in working with commercial grade solar installations. These qualified installers are capable of taking into account the features of your structure so that the system is as efficient as possible.

All Rockford Solar systems come with a Re-insurance policy on top of the module manufacturers warranty to cover any potential losses.


Rockford provides extensive size and technology choices, from 100kW to mulit MW systems.

We will assess your power requirements, monthly consumption and available roof or relevant area, and then recommend the ideal system size and configuration. The geographical area, exact location, orientation of roof, free space available, and other factors will all determine exact generation and cost figures.

Government Assistance

Navigating the complex patchwork of financial assistance can be confusing and not tapping all available sources can leave you bearing more costs than necessary. Rockford Solar will use our experience to help locate any National or State local funds that can be used towards making your system as financially efficient as possible.


Rockford Solar will help set up a monitoring system so that you can see at all times how your system is performing. This lets you see on a daily, monthly, yearly, and service lifetime basis of how much your system is working for you.